E-bike brand Elby launches in bike shops

E-bike brand Elby has announced that it will now expand its sales platform to encompass all major channels including brick-and-mortar shops.

Differing from the established model, Elby began selling direct to consumer in late 2016 and swiftly gained a partnership with the mobile bike shop company Velofix. The brand is now partnering with brick-and-mortar retailers.

“The bicycle sales market is transitioning rapidly, so it’s imperative that we meet the customer where they are – be that in the local bike shop or at their homes and offices,” said Elby’s co-founder Fred Gingl. “We believe the buying process should be just as easy and intuitive as riding our bikes, and that means we need to make Elby available wherever customers are comfortable.”

The brnd cites it’s test ride program as a key element to its success. The program helps customers to understand the advantages of e-bikes in general and the benefits of Elby in particular. The test ride program will also be available in the forthcoming dealer locations.

“While it’s great to research before you buy, the best way to fall in love with an Elby is to ride one,” continues Gingl. “Soon you’ll be able to do that in a traditional store as well as in your own neighborhood.”

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