Chicken CycleKit to act as exclusive distributor for Pinhead

Chicken CycleKit has announced that it will act as the exclusive UK distributor for bicycle security brand Pinhead.

Pinhead launched in 2004 and is now utilised by over 100,000 cyclists worldwide. The brand claims that the protection system differs from other brands due to the inability to open the locks with a screwdriver or similar tool.

Each lock is engraved with a dedicated code that corresponds with the inner mechanism. This means that users can simply order replacement parts or keys directly from the Pinhead website and the item will be shipped the same day.

“There is no comparable product in the market that gives the level of security that the Pinhead system offers. The Pinhead system provides a unique locking system to lock wheels, seatposts, saddles, handlebars and stems to your bike using Convex disc technology,” said a representative from Chicken CycleKit.

Pinhead is due in stock with Chicken CycleKit the week commencing March 13th and is available to pre-order now. For more information on stock, ordering and deals, contact your Chicken account manager now.

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