Cunning way to avoid airline charges (assuming you ride 24-inch or less)

DK launches bike disguise bag in US

DK Bicycles has developed a bike bag cunningly disguised as a golf club carrier. The bag, only available in America at present can hold bikes with wheel sizes up to 24-inches.

The DK golf 4130 series bag will cost $119.00 in the US, five dollars less than the standard charge for booking bicycles onto a plane. This effectively means that the bag should pay for itself on the first visit.

The bag features a flat back design, durable rollers, and several sturdy handles, as well as heavy duty iternal padding and straps.

Previously one technique used to dodge the air fare was to pack the frame and most components into a guitar case, which like golf clubs, does not incur additional charge (most airlines). The wheels can be packed into an accompanying suitcase.

It’s said that ‘bicycle components’ cannot incur charges, meaning that in theory splitting a bike over two bags could suceed in avoiding extra cost.

If you have any other methods or stories, feel free to comment below.

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