Industry veteran Brian Dickson goes online with trade-only Bike-X

Dickson harnesses web for Bike-X

Aiming to be a new breed of online-savvy, plugged-in wholesaler, Bike-X is a 24/7 ordering operation with 1000 lines, exclusive and general brands, TNT next day delivery and with an order tracking facility.

The Bike-X website went online yesterday.

"We had a major technical hitch yesterday morning, our launch day, but the site is now live. Stock is pouring into the building each day, so we will be fully operational soon."

Bike-X is based at Manchester Airport. Director Brian Dickson has been in the bike industry since 1994. He started the original Acorn Leisure in 1996. Previous to the bike trade he worked in the optical/sports trade and helped introduce Oakley to the UK sports trade in 1987.

As well as P&A, Bike-X is distributing Fuji and Montana bikes.

That it’s a web-centric business is evident from the Skype plug, the ability to pay by PayPal and other mainstream e-commerce touches, not always found on bike trade supplier sites.

"We will call on key accounts and those accounts that need walking through of our more technical lines but the days of huge sales forces are over," said Dickson.

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