London Cycling Campaign's local groups are marking the anniversary of congestion charging by celebrating the boom in cycling. Special events will be held in Camden, Aldgate and Lambeth. On February 17th 2003 London motorists had to start paying a £5 charge when entering the congestion charge zone.

Cyclists plan to celebrate first anniversary of ken-gestion charging

The number of people cycling in central London has soared following the introduction of the congestion charge and the promotion of cycling as a convenient and healthy mode of travel.

Official figures from 2003 show that, at peak times, there were 73 percent more people entering the congestion charge zone on bikes than in the year before the congestion charge was introduced.

Tom Bogdanowicz, campaigns manager for the London Cycling Campaign, said: "A lot of Londoners have clearly got on their bikes – we are pleased that our information campaign has encouraged people to take-up cycling.

"The boom in cycling has been made possible thanks to improved cycle routes, dedicated cycle maps and an increase in accessible cycle parking."

During May and June 2003, an average of 18,131 cyclists entered the congestion zone each day between 7am and 6.30pm, according to official figures. This represents a 31 percent increase on the previous year – with one

cyclist entering the congestion charge zone for every seven private cars.

During the same period, an average of 8,686 cyclists entered the congestion zone during the morning rush hour from 7.30am to 9.30am. This represents a 73 percent increase on the previous year.

The cyclists entering the congestion zone are only counted on shared routes with other traffic. LCC estimates more than 3000 cyclists a day are not included in the official figures because they enter the zone on cycle routes on which only cycles are allowed.


–Camden Cycling Campaign: cyclists’ breakfast in central London.

8am to 10am on Tuesday February 17th at Byng Place WC1, at the north

end of Malet Street

–Tower Hamlets Wheelers: Giant Banner display "Cycle for Free" contact

Owen Pearson 020 7515 9905

7am to 9am on Tuesday February 17th at the Aldgate gyratory. (Mansell

Street E1.)

–Lambeth Cyclists: Anniversary photo shoot at Kennington Cross (junc.

Kennington Lane/ Kennington Road) Friday 13th February – for time

call Philip Loy at 07960 026450

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