Cyclists don’t let the news bother them

New research shows cyclists are more resilient workers in uncertain times

People who ride to work are more positive in the face or political and economic uncertainty say Cyclescheme. In new research they have found that feelings about bad news varies according to how people commute – and cyclists come out most positively.

Cyclescheme commissioned the poll following feedback from employers about factors that influence workplace well-being. HR managers were reporting concerns that staff were being negatively affected by factors such as the Trump election, BREXIT uncertainties and election wranglings.

In a poll of 1,000 commuters, only one in four people said they felt optimistic about the future but cyclists came out as least bothered by bad news. In fact, bike riders said they were least likely to have their productivity affected and, on days when they pedalled to work they found life’s stresses and strains easier to cope with.

Importantly, cycling gives people space to escape from digital distractions; train and bus commuters reported fewer opportunities to “switch off”. And cyclists were more likely to say that they had enough mental and physical energy to get them through each day feeling happy and productive. They were also more likely to report good, positive interactions with colleagues.

Working with on-line polling organisation OnePoll, Cyclescheme surveyed 1,000 UK employees in May 2017. The sample specifically included 100 cyclists.

It was prompted by findings from a survey of employers in February that suggested that maintaining staff morale during economic and political uncertainty was one of the biggest concerns for HR department. Difficult news was said by 41 per cent of HRs to be their biggest worry this year, ahead of staff retention which was reported to be the main issue for 24 per cent. 

The poll reinforces wider messsages about the workplace bebefits of cycling including recent reports from the British Medical Journal.

Cyclesheme promotes itself heavily on the benefits to employees’ commitment, productivity and workplace well-being. Reflecting government research, Cyclescheme suggests that employers will get more from their people if they foster healthier behaviours amongst staff.

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