The Assos is available on iOS and Android systems

Cycling apparel brand Assos launches its first mobile app

Assos, the Swiss cycling apparel brand, has launched a mobile app offering customers a new optimised platform for purchasing products.

The app, available in both iOS and Android operating systems, offers a range of exclusive features designed to make the user experience easy to navigate, and still providing a customisable environment with various content.

The Weather System Recommendation tool is able to locate the city where the app is being used and, based on a detailed weather forecast of temperature, rain and wind, recommend the most suitable equipment for the rider for that day.

The recommended equipment is also based on the style preferences of the rider which are set through users’ first login to the app and include gender, riding style and preferred fit.

The shopping process is easy to navigate and offers an advanced sizing chart taking in consideration the height, weight, age, waist and hip measurements of the rider to ensure an accurate fit.

Browsing through the discover page, users are kept up to date with the latest Assos launches, news from the brand, and key features of the latest collections.

Through Face ID and Touch ID, the app offers a simple login process with a high level of security.

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Edwin Navez, Assos CEO, said: It is with great excitement that we are now in a position to launch the Assos app and respond to the demand of customers looking for a simple yet secure shopping experience which is available on the go.

“We’re pleased to be the first apparel brand in the cycling industry to launch a mobile app and as we listen and respond to the ongoing feedback from our users, the app will continue to grow.

“We are already planning additional functionalities which will enable us to use the platform as a way to bring our community of riders closer together.”

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