Top marks once more for the CTCs rapid response unit. Their PR team issued an emailed press release about the pre-budget statement minutes after Brown sat down in the House of Commons

CTCs PR unit swings into immediate action. Again.

November 8 2000

Cyclists welcome Browns green measures

CTC, Britains cycling organisation, today welcomes the governments decision to promote the use of greener vehicle fuels and not those

contributing to air pollution.

A reduction in pollution could encourage more people to use bicycles more often particularly for short journeys. Congestion means that cyclists are

often able to travel more quickly across towns and cities than motorists.

CTC Campaigns Manager Stuart Reid said: We support the government in standing firm against calls to abandon its green policy. Now it must

also ensure that sufficient money is invested in cycling facilities as a next step towards creating a more healthy and long lasting environment.


There has been a 10% increase in cycle commuting

in London according to DETR figures issued this

year. This has coincided with an eight per cent

drop in air pollution in cities following the

introduction of ultra-low sulphur diesel.

Three quarters of all personal UK journeys are

less than five miles long and 50% are under two

miles according to the BMA. Cars are used for 15%

of journeys under a mile, more than 60% of

journeys of one to two miles and almost 75% of

journeys between two and five miles.

The average speed of a cycle in London is

5.4mph, of a car 3.4mph and of a bus 2.5mph

according to DETR statistics of this year.

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