Limited edition 'electric car on two wheels' arrives

Chainless e-bike Mando Footloose scores awards

The second generation of the Mando Footloose e-bike is coming to the UK market this month.

Designed by Mark Sanders and built by automotive tech expert Mando, the Footloose is undoubtedly is a slinky looking bit of kit, at least according to the esteemed juries of the Red Dot Award 2015 and the Good Design awards, two prizes the bike has already picked up.

The first Mando Footloose was also nominated for a Design Museum Award back in 2013. Like its successor, the bicycle combines manual and electric power as per your usual e-bike, but unlike its peers it was chainless and claimed to be the first of its type. Taking advantage of motoring know-how from Mando, the bike sees the chain totally eliminated, transforming the pedaling motion directly into electricity to power the wheels, with the energy then stored in a lithium-ion battery inside the bike frame, before it is converted back into kinetic energy by an electric motor which drives the rear wheel.

This latest edition boasts a removable battery, tucked away near the suspension seatpost, and ‘Human Machine Interface’ 2.4” colour LCD display, featuring serial key matching.

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