BikeBiz gets to know the people working in the nation's cycle trade, one person at a time (this might take a while). This month it's the turn of BikeEtc's Wes Doyle

Trade Account: Bike Etc’s Wes Doyle

BikeBiz gets to know the people working in the nation’s cycle trade, one person at a time (this might take a while). This month it’s the turn of BikeEtc’s Wes Doyle…

How long have you been with Dennis and Bikes Etc?
I’ve been editor on BikesEtc since its launch in October 2014, although I’ve worked for Dennis for a number of years as a regular contributor to our sister title Cyclist.

How long have you worked in the industry?
As a journalist I come from a health and fitness/men’s lifestyle background but have always been keen cyclist. So while I only really started working in the cycling industry when I began writing for Cyclist in 2012, I was always trying to shoehorn features about bikes and pro riders into the magazines I was involved with. It may seem surprising now but it was a real struggle. I only managed to get Bradley Wiggins into Men’s Health back in 2009 as he was promoting an online meat store and could therefore talk about the benefits of eating more protein!

What’s the best thing about working in the cycle industry?
There are obvious perks to what we do on BikesEtc, especially when it comes to testing kit. But really the best thing is seeing how the industry has grown in the UK; the attendance (and number) of sportives and events is unbelievable and the profile British cyclists is something no one could’ve predicted nine or ten years ago.

What’s the best part of your job? And the worst?
I shall be very diplomatic here. The best part is seeing the ideas that come out of editorial meetings take shape and become the words and pictures that make up the magazine. That creative spark is aided immeasurably by a subject matter I feel very passionately about. And the worst part? Probably when a new issue lands on my desk and I read through it for the first time, hoping there’re no glaring typos or mistakes that were missed at the proofing stage. It doesn’t happen very often but we’re a small team so occasionally things slip through. And no, I’m not going to give examples!

What are you working on at the moment?
We’re currently finishing off our ninth issue (on sale 10 June) which as well as the usual reviews, tips and advice includes a free Tour de France magazine, which we’re really proud of. In keeping with our approach to content in the mag we’ve put together a guide that gives the read much more than just reprinting the routes and profiles. We’ve spoken to a variety of coaches and riders to talk about specifics of each stage and how the riders will have prepared themselves both physically and tactically, plus look at the bikes and kit they’ll be using as well as how they’ll be fuelling and recovering from their efforts. Not only will it give the reader greater insight into what it takes to ride the tour it should give them all they need to do some of the stages themselves should they fancy having a crack at them.

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