Campaigners’ map plots every GB collision involving cyclists

Cycle campaigners have used open-source collision data to map every collision involving a cyclist between 2005 and 2016. The collision feature is one of the layers of the Bikedata cycle campaign map created by Cyclestreets which is a Cambridge based not-for-profit company run since 2006 by coders Simon Nuttall and Martin Lucas-Smith. Both have long been involved with Cambridge Cycling Campaign for many years.

The Bikedata map is currently in beta, and there are bugs, which are slowly being squashed – for instance, a small number of the reported collisions in London had appeared to have happened in the Thames. Lucas-Smith said: "We believe there’s an offset error with the DfT’s 2016 data which we reported, explaining those in the Thames." However, these third-party errors have now been corrected, said Lucas-Smith.

The STATS19 collision data sucked into the map is published by the Department for Transport and sourced from the police – it relates to personal injury incidents on public roads.

The Bikedata map – which uses OpenCycleMap as its base – is billed as "data to support getting more people cycling" and also includes information on cycle parking, cycle theft, planning applications and traffic counts.

Cyclestreets was able to work on the Bikedata map thanks to an Outlandish Fellowship.

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