Campagnolo presents The Gold limited edition corkscrew, priced at €1,950

Campagnolo has presented The Gold: the 24 Kt gold corkscrew, priced at €1,950.

The brand has announced an exclusive limited edition version of its Big Corkscrew, which comes in The Gold: 24KT Gold Plating, and The Rose Gold: 18KT Gold Plating.

The brand said the Gold and Rose Gold corkscrews were designed to reinterpret the creative ingenuity that traditionally distinguishes every Campagnolo product.

“The timeless quality of an object that is a symbol of Made in Italy design is enhanced by its precious and elegant form,” said Campagnolo. “Its beauty and design excellence are combined with extreme functionality.”

To prevent incorrect extraction of the cork from leaving residue in the wine, the Campagnolo Big corkscrew is designed so that the screw self-centres on the cork, ensuring optimal extraction every time, said the brand.

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In 1966, Tullio Campagnolo hurt a hand opening a bottle of wine, and, in a few minutes, he designed a new type of corkscrew. This has over the years become a cult item and a collectable, said the brand.

A self-centring telescopic bell positions the screw exactly in the centre of the cork. Once the screw has been inserted, the two levers make the cork come out ‘easily and delicately’. This prevents breaking the glass, jerking the bottle or raising up the sediments that are typical of aged wine.

The corkscrew is also designed to never puncture the lower part of the cork, preventing pieces of cork from falling into the wine. It’s a precision tool created in the same plant as the components for high-range bicycles, said Campagnolo, in fact, the two levers are fastened to the body of the corkscrew using screws deriving from the Super Record crankset from the 70s.

– The Gold: 24KT Gold Plating
– The Rose Gold: 18KT Gold Plating
– Dimensions: H 30 CM, L 13 CM
– Price: €1,950

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