‘Built to fly’: Orbea presents the new 2023 Oiz

Orbea has presented its new Oiz, which the brand says is ‘built to fly’.

“The goal for the new 2023 Oiz was none other than to design a bike that simply flies, both uphill and downhill,” said the brand. “That meant creating a single platform that combines the weight and efficiency of 100mm travel full suspension with the control and downhill traction of 120mm travel full suspension.”

From day one, Orbea said it geared the entire development process towards a 120mm travel bike. This means that the suspension geometry and kinematics are optimised specifically for this travel, avoiding the compromises that are needed when adding 120mm suspension to a platform designed for 100mm.

A slacker head angle (67°), a lower bottom bracket (333mm), and a longer reach (450mm for size M) are some of the features that, when combined with 120mm travel, offer the ‘control and confidence of a superb, technically adept cross-country bike’.

Thanks to its modern geometry, Orbea said the pedalling position is more centred which gives the rider more control on technical and steep sections. The short rear centre (432mm) maintains the Oiz’s agility and responsiveness. As well as the low stack height (596mm for size M), the seat angle is steeper (72.5°).

In terms of suspension, the Oiz maintains its characteristic single-pivot with engineered flex pivot in the seat stays (UFO).

Orbea has also kept the weight of the frame down to just 1,750g, which means that this new platform, with 120mm of travel, weighs in at 9.98g (size M, with pedals, water bottle and computer mount). In order to achieve this figure, Orbea has incorporated technologies like UFO, redesigned the carbon linkage and reworked the lamination on all its frames using OMX carbon.

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Orbea has kept its patented I-Line cable integration technology, but this Oiz introduces the new SIC System, for optimal cockpit cable integration.

It shortens the cables and ensures they don’t rattle, with the added benefit of a clean look. The system is also optimised to make changing the stem and handlebars just as easy as on a non-integrated cockpit.

The Oiz also comes with a steering limiter to protect the frame. This is Spin Block technology, and it is available partly thanks to the new OC Components stem and handlebar design.

The new Oiz models will be on sale from the end of the year, and riders can already reserve their new bike using Orbea’s Rider Connect service.

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