EUROBIKE 2011: Tim Jackson is the little dog biting at big guy heels

Brand builder wants to make BH big in America

Tim Jackson recently joined BH Pivot of North America in order to keep the Pivot brand in the limelight and to make American consumers more aware of the Spanish BH brand, which has been making bikes since 1909.

“With Pivot, I just need to keep pouring gas on the flame; with BH I get to tell the story, and build the romance.”

BH Pivot is the North American distributor for BH bikes. CEO Chris Cocalis, co-founder of Titus Cycles in 1991, launch Pivot Cycles in 2007.

At Eurobike yesterday, Jackson fondled the Pivot Carbon Mach 5.7 MTB frame and said:

“This is our first carbon bike. We’ve taken all the best features of the 5.7 aluminum, making it a little lighter and a little stiffer.”

Cocalis is a consultant to BH on its carbon bike program.

BH Pivot North America imports 12 models from the 60 model BH range.

Jackson is BH Pivot’s marketing manager. He joined the company two months ago, having previously worked for Masi and, latterly, ASI’s Fuji commuter line.

“I left ASI on very good terms,” said Jackson, once known as the social-media friendly Masiguy and who was dubbed Asiguy when he switched jobs.

 “The BH side of things is like when I first went to Masi. A fantastic brand, a fantastic history, and fantastic product but nobody (in the US) knows anything about it.

“The brand building challenge on offer at BH is really exciting. I like being the little dog biting at the big guy’s heels.”


This story first appeared in the Eurobike Show Daily

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