As today is the public day at Eurobike BikeBiz is making a swift getaway but not before leaving some last pix & snippets

Eurobike wrap up

ABOVE: Alex Trimnell, founder of the Muc-Off range of bike cleaning fluids from Britain, hasn’t really hurt his leg but he’s not complaining about the TLC being doled out by ‘nurse’ Sarah Zollaer. 

The wheelchair – tricked out with Wethepeople handlebar grips and Bontrager handlebar tape – is one of the seating options on the Muc-Off booth. Muc-Off is advertised with images of (saucy) doctors and nurses, supposedly caring for bikes.

Muc-Off is distributed in 50 countries worldwide and was spun-off from X-lite, an MTB parts machining business founded by Rex Trimnell, Alex’s late father. 

The company sells to the car, motorbike and caravan markets, too. 

“Little old ladies think the Muc-Off name is about getting muck off caravans,” said Trimnell, with a cheeky smile. “The real origins go right over their heads. Thankfully.”



Tasty Tange.


Clark’s are at Eurobike launching a new line of saddles, a surprising addition for the hardware company. The saddles are made in Italy ("if I told by whom I’d have to kill you," said Mel Payne of Clark’s, pictured below). The range includes race, comfort, city/touring and retro saddles.


A Zeppelin comes in to land and one of the NextBike bikes just happens to be in shot. 300 of these bikes were provided to show attendees so they could avoid the Friedrichshafen traffic jams.


Julian Ferguson is the marketing manager at European Cyclists’ Federation, based in Brussels. The ECF had a good show, creating the Cycling Industry Club, an industry/advocacy joint project. The ECF is well on the way to raising 1 million Euros for the project. All the monies are raised by donations from bike industry companies.


Koga dealers always get a prezzie at Eurobike. This year it was a baseball bat. Here’s John Stainthorpe, director of Cyclesense of northern England.


Josh Hon of Tern. The ongoing family battle between Tern and Dahon was the talk of the show.


Love the sign on the door of the NC-17 stand. NC-17 is a German MTB and BMX parts company that has branched out into iPhone handlebar brackets. The company also has an iPhone app which, via the new ANT+ ‘light electric vehicle’ protocol, integrates with e-bikes.

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