Bosch launches lightweight e-bike motor alongside a host of new digital features

Bosch eBike Systems has presented a host of new innovative features for the 2024 model year, all of which have been designed to make the riding experience more customisable and personal, regardless of the type of riding.

The new digital features and physical products were announced in Frankfurt this week, with some available as soon as Summer 2023.

Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, said: “The smart system represents the digital future of e-biking. With it, the physical and digital e-bike experiences merge. In order to inspire e-bikers again and again, we are continuously expanding the smart system with new hardware and digital features.

“In the coming model year, we have matching product innovations for minimalist e-Gravel bikes, stylish e-Urban bikes and lightweight e-Mountain bikes – ensuring even more comfort and long-lasting riding fun.”

One of the products unveiled is Bosch’s compact Performance Line SX motor.

With the Performance Line SX, Bosch eBike Systems says it is “setting new standards” for sporty riding with lightweight e-MTBs, e-Gravel bikes and e-Urban bikes.

The new drive unit combines high performance with low weight – making it the Bosch drive with the highest power density.

Performance Line SX is the first lightweight motor from the German brand, with a claimed weight of 2kg, output of 600W peak power and 55Nm of torque.

These features, combined with tuned support, ensure a natural riding sensation and enable sporty e-biking on the trail, intensive training rides on gravel, as well as fast rides through the city.

Other new products and innovations for e-MTB, e-Gravel and e-Urban include a CompactTube 400 battery and PowerMore 250 range extender for e-MTB, Sprint riding mode (SPRNT) and Mini Remote Dropbar variant for e-Gravel

Bosch eBike Systems has also confirmed the expansion of its smart system portfolio.

Lighter and quieter drives, fully-networked colour displays and slimmer batteries – these are just some of the product innovations that have been added with the smart system.

For the 2024 model year, the company is expanding the modular portfolio of the smart system whilst also further expanding its digital capabilities.

New innovations include Active Line and Active Line Plus drive units, which will join the smart system for e-City and e-Trekking bikes from Summer 2023.

EShift electronic gear shifting will be available for e-bikes with the smart system and hub gear systems from Autumn 2023

All batteries in the smart system are set to become DualBattery capable for increased flexibility

The brand is also introducing the 2A Charger, a new compact transportable charger

New batteries are being introduced with the PowerPack 400 Frame, PowerPack 400 Rack, and PowerPack 500 Rack.

Further additions include the Purion 200 compact control unit and the Kiox 500 display with acoustic cues.

Bosch believes that e-biking has long been much more than simply electric-assisted cycling.

The increased connectivity of central components with digital features gives e-bike riders the opportunity to adapt the e-bike experience to their personal needs.

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Bosch eBike Systems is driving this development forward and has presented numerous connectivity features for the 2024 model year designed to individualise the riding experience.

As part of this, the brand is introducing: a Flow+ premium subscription, encompassing the alarm and a number of upcoming features, increased customisation opportunities for Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 displays, enhanced training information via ‘Statistics’ in the Flow App, including calories burned, and Android smartphone users can now rename tours, including emoji integration.


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