Bosch expands e-bike theft protection and refines navigation with app update

Bosch eBike Systems has expanded its theft protection and refined e-bike navigation

The new features, available via the latest Flow app update, will provide users with additional security and convenience.

First up is the digital e-bike pass. This shows e-bikers all the important information about their e-bike at a glance.

In addition to the information already stored about the components, they can now also add further identifying features, for example the frame number, descriptions of special features, documents or even a photo of the e-bike, themselves.

This means that e-bike owners have all the important information at their fingertips – and not just in the event of theft.

If an e-bike is stolen the police can be informed using the new theft report function.

Under ‘My eBike’, users can mark their e-bike as stolen in the Flow app and are then guided through to the final theft report based on questions stored in the app.

With the theft report, owners can react and provide the police with information

In addition to the time and place and a description of the incident, the feature also records personal data such as name and telephone number so that the police can immediately contact the person concerned if necessary.

All e-bike details are automatically taken from the information in the e-bike pass. Owners can email the final theft report to the police as a PDF file or print it out if required.

The two new eBike pass and theft report functions complement tried-and-tested features such as the recently-launched lock additional theft protection and the alarm service.

In addition to the new theft protection functions, the software update also brings improvements to navigation.

With the new quick menu on the Ride Screen, the navigation destination can be changed while riding using the selection button on the LED Remote, Mini Remote or Purion 200 display without having to stop or take the hands off the handlebars. The current navigation can also be ended easily and immediately.

The elevation graph shows the entire route, including all height differences and the current position along the route

Thanks to the extended route planning, riders can now also add individual stops to the navigation on their rides.

All that is required is to press and hold the point on the map; alternatively, the ‘Add destination’ option is available.

The new elevation graph illustrates how much climbing has been achieved on the ride: a clear line graph shows the total distance including all height differences. A dot marks the rider’s current position so e-bikers know which climbs they have already completed and which descents still lie ahead of them.

With the new functions, the smart system is being expanded with features for greater safety, customisation and convenience when riding.

The update can be downloaded via the Flow app, which is available for download from the relevant app store at no additional cost.

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