Improvements have been made to navigation, performance measurements and parked e-bike locator

Bosch eBike Systems announces updates with improved navigation and performance measurement

Bosch eBike Systems has announced its latest smart system update, providing e-bike riders with new features for a customised experience and further increasing comfort.

The new update further optimises custom navigation, improves performance measurement, and makes it easier to locate a parked e-bike.

The new navigation features for the Flow app make orientation easier, guiding users to destinations without distractions. 

There is now the option to use turn instructions, acoustic signals or voice instructions – allowing users to focus fully on the road ahead while riding. 

The sound and voice output can be set via the Ride screen, with the user’s smartphone serving as a speaker.

The new Dark Map

The new Dark Map feature ensures that all navigation details can be easily read in darker lighting conditions.

It allows riders to change the map display to a dark colour scheme and also reduces the smartphone’s power consumption. 

In addition to this, an update to the Kiox 300 display route as a line navigation screen now shows details such as junctions and descents, allowing e-MTB riders to determine where to turn at a trail junction.

If riders deviate from the planned route the new re-routing function automatically calculates an alternative direction of travel. This function is also available for navigation in the Flow app.

Data provided by users of the Flow app allows recommendations via the route planning system. 

At the end of each ride, users can then rate the route planning, helping to continuously improve recommendations. The navigation system also learns from recently ridden routes and personal riding behaviour, allowing it to calculate and display arrival times more precisely in real time on the Flow app and Kiox 300. 

Kiox 300 display now shows details such as junctions and exits

The new parking function displays the name of the street where the e-bike is parked on the home screen of the Flow app. Tapping the street name opens a map view with a marker for the exact location. This function requires the ConnectModule to be installed on the e-bike.

It is now possible to display current cadence and performance data as well as elevation differences on the Ride screen of the Flow app. This information helps to optimise the ride, supporting the rider to increase endurance or improve fitness levels. 

iPhone users will now be notified by the Flow app in critical situations, even if the smartphone is on mute and the focus mode messages are deactivated. 

For example, in case of theft, a notification appears on the lock screen and an acoustic signal is played. Users can enable the “Critical messages” option in the iPhone settings.

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In addition, iPhone users now have the option to change titles of their activities automatically recorded via Activity Tracking, using both text and emojis.  

The latest smart system update is available via the Flow app, which can be downloaded from the relevant app store at no additional cost. To use the Flow app, iOS 15 or Android 8.0 are required.

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