Bollé to provide try-out experience of Phantom lens technology

Bollé has partnered with QReal and M7 Innovations to provide a hyper-realistic try-out experience of its flagship lens technology, Phantom.

Within Instagram, the demonstration invites users to try out Bollé’s Phantom lens through one of the brand’s Chronoshield model. After seeing the glasses on their face, users flip their camera from selfie-view to front-facing and Phantom lenses are superimposed on their actual view. Users then introduce sunglass effects like high contrast, anti-fog, and photochromic into their real surroundings to see Phantom lenses in action. Once users select a lens that suits their style and needs, they can search for a retailer that carries Bollé.

“AR is routinely used for try-on and certainly enhances the buying experience. But AR for try-out, this is a first,” said Louis Cisti, vice president of global marketing for Bollé Brands.

“In the new normal of retail, Bollé recognises that safety is now the most important thing. Consumers demand shopping encounters that minimize physical interaction. However, when it comes to buying premium sunglasses, they still have high expectations and expect to see tangible benefits. Bollé’s AR try-out does all that heavy lifting. Shoppers get to see perceivable performance benefits before making a purchase.”

Using AR, users will experience several Bollé lens features that demonstrate the Phantom for spring skiing, cycling, running and more:

– Light Adaptive Technology: the user is presented with a slider that allows them to change their exposure, making the scene brighter or darker. They watch Phantom’s molecular photochromic filter adapt to changes in ambient light
– Platinum Anti-Fog Treatment: The user’s view begins to fog up, simulating the fogging that occurs from sweat while riding, hiking, or spring skiing. Fog condenses outside the glasses, but the view through the sunglasses remains crystal clear, mimicking the real-world performance Phantom Lenses in a perspiring situation
– High Contrast: The scene outside the glasses remains natural, but the user is able to experience improved colour and depth perception as they look through the Phantom lenses

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