Bollé’s “iconic” Chronoshield makes a comeback

Bollé’s “iconic” Chronoshield sunglasses have made a comeback with a redesigned profile.

“One of the most iconic shapes in Bollé’s history, Chronoshield was first launched back in 1986,” said a statement. “Characterised by a typical 80s design and by its versatility that it is suitable for cycling as well as skiing,  Chronoshield makes a comeback in Bollé’s Sport range with a redesigned profile and the use of modern materials.

“This year’s revised edition makes no compromise between performance and comfort. Chronoshield is available with Bollé’s latest lens technology Phantom which adapts to light while offering the sharpest vision at all times thanks to the quality of its NXT material construction and to a high contrast filter enhancing details and boosting contrasts.

“With the largest lens dimensions in Bollé’s range, Chronoshield offers an extra-wide field of vision, ideal for visual comfort and protection against the wind or debris, while its lens vent adjusts the airflow and ensures a clear vision by preventing misting.”

The new Chronoshield also benefits from all of Bollé’s frame technology expertise. The sunglasses have adjustable temples and nose pad with Thermogrip rubber inserts. As a tribute to the original design, the sunglasses feature a removable brow bar with foam providing a custom fit and comfort, as well as a bold and retro style.

Chronoshield is available in four colours and is available in prescription.

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