BikeBiz Awards winner KitBrix reveals new partnership

KitBrix and Ed Clancy have announced a four-year partnership to focus on product development.

The relationship started with the development and launch of the KitBrix CityBrix v2. The brand has been working alongside Team JLT Condor for the past 12 months and identified Clancy as the man to support its growth and development of products.

Founder Robert Aldous explains: “Ed is not only one of the most successful British Olympic athletes of our generation, he is approachable, strong, dependable, diverse in his sporting interests and has a wicked sense of humour; he represents all that we are as a brand regardless of sporting profession.

“Ed is a rock within British Cycling and has the pedigree to support our progress. He has come back from adversity in his career to reach the very highest heights and this next part of his career is arguably the most interesting. We hope that we can develop products, with and alongside him, while also supporting his charge for further success on the road and track.”

Kitbrix made a splash in the industry and was awarded the BikeBiz 2017 award for Product Innovation by a Newcomer for its development of a unique offering to support Triathletes in their training regime and on race day.

Watch a video about the KitBrix collection below:

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