Daysaver: “We want to offer bikers solutions to problems that can ruin their day on the ride”

BikeBiz catches up with the Innovation from a Newcomer winner from last year’s BikeBiz Awards, Swiss multitool brand Daysaver, on how the company started and what makes its product unique

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Can you give us a little background on Daysaver?
As innovation consultants by training, it has always appealed to us to apply our user-centric methods to a product of our own. In winter 2020, Dani, the tinkerer among us, came up with the idea of a multitool, which eventually became the Original9.

After successful user tests, we then wanted to find out on Kickstarter whether there really was a market for this product. And there is – we reached our funding goal of 40,000 Swiss Francs (£34,000) after three days and ended up raising 120,000 Swiss Francs (£103,000). That was the beginning of Daysaver as a company.

Meanwhile, the multitool extension Coworking5 has been added, which is the perfect complement for the Original9 with tyre lever and chain breaker and three other tools. There are also two different mounts to attach the tools to the bike.

What area of the market do you target?
Daysaver’s brand essence promises problem-solving expertise. So we want to offer bikers solutions to problems that can ruin their day on the ride. These can be completely new products or innovations that simply solve problems better than existing products.

So in the bike market we’re focusing on products for on-the-ride at the moment, especially multitools. And there are already the next really great innovations in the pipeline. And many more ideas that we will be working on.

What makes your product unique?
You should probably ask our customers… seriously: We believe that it is the combination of functionality, quality and design that distinguishes us from our competitors. We offer workshop-quality tools, but designed to be small and lightweight, making them perfect for on-the-ride use.

In addition, the innovative character is very important. You may say that we just sell multitools, but the innovations, e.g. the nested bits in the Original9 or the chain guide of the chain breaker in the Coworking5, solve problems that have not been addressed satisfactorily so far and make our products so unique.

Daysaver won Innovation from a Newcomer at the BikeBiz Awards 2021, what did it mean to win?
First of all, it was a huge surprise! We never expected to win an industry award as an absolute rookie. Especially because we don’t come from the industry. Our excitement was thus huge – the award has a clearly visible place of honour in our office.

Apart from that, it gives us even greater credibility in discussions with partners and investors. So the value of the BikeBiz Award should not be underestimated!

What are your plans for the rest of 2022 and beyond?
We are currently preparing the launch of a new tool. It will complement the Original9 in the range, with some adjustments to the tool itself and a different price. Apart from that, we are in talks with investors for a financing round so we can grow faster.

And for 2023 and beyond, we have a full product pipeline with innovations that will again be the talk of the town.

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