Swedish protection brand POC also now on board

Big Bear launches CW-X cycle sport clothing brand

Big Bear has added a cycle clothing brand to its brand range – CW-X. The distributor also recently signed Swedish protection brand POC.

Developed in Japan, CW-X garments utilise compression technology to increase an athlete’s stamina. Using patented woven bands, CW-X offers support and recovery functions which have been scientifically proved to increase athlete performance, aid recovery and protect against injury.

The garments have been developed using the science of kinesiology, as well as work with endurance sports in field and laboratory conditions (using VO2 intake as a performance indicator) athletes wearing CW-X conditioning-wear showed around 30 per cent lower oxygen usage. The results of this test can be found at www.cw-x.com.

CW-X has a range of sports specific underwear for men and women, including bras that protect and support without compression or restriction.

Commenting on the new brand, Mitch Terleckyj, Big Bear’s managing director said: “The cycle market has always been renowned for its early adoption of new technologies especially in tri sports, which have generated tremendous leaps forward in bike design and manufacture. Any rider who is serious about their cycling is now looking for other ways to improve his or her performance or even simply just to increase their enjoyment while on a bike. Anyone wearing CW-X will notice an immediate improvement in their performance.

Big Bear is currently recruiting and is seeking a cycle sales manager. More about the role can be seen here.

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