TVs biking boffin Adam Hart-Davis, presenter of BBC Local Heroes, will open the Cycle the Solar System, a 10km scale model of the solar system on Saturday, where even dozy cyclists can ride at ten times the speed of light!

Big Bang for bikes this weekend

Cycle the Solar System is situated on the York to Selby section of Sustrans National Cycle Network.

Scientists Dave Coulthard, Willy Hoedeman and Peter Thompson have reconstructed the Solar System from the Sun to Pluto over a 10km stretch of cycle route between

Bishopthorp and Riccall.

Peter Thompson said: "You can easily walk at three times the speed of light and cycle at ten times the speed of light. Every journey will end before it begins so everyone who travels our Solar System will grow younger in the process. The model is both sculpture and an educational resource. We hope everyone will find it thought provoking, adding to the quality of the path."


To witness Creation, get yourself to the path underneath the A64 in York. The Solar System will be unveiled by the bridge near the York Sixth Form College.


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