Vredesteins top-end tyres stay in Doetinchem; low and mid-level tyre production moves to Thailand

Vredestein moves (some) tyre production to Thailand

Pariba tyres will continue to be made in the Netherlands but all of the mass-market Vredestein tyres (including those for single and three speed bikes) will eventually be made in Vredesteins factory in Thailand.

It is believed that Vredesteins biggest customer the largest bike producer in Europe has been asking Vredestein to reduce its prices on the middle to low market tyres for some time and the only way for Vredestein to compete would be to move production overseas where wages are lower.

The factory in Thailand will be equipped with tyre manufacturing machinery shipped-out from the Doetinchem factory.


In the December BikeBiz, we included this Vredestein story but said the oversaes factory was going to be in India. This was corrected in the stop press panel on the address sheet.

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