Bicycle sealant brand turns to Kickstarter

Bicycle Armour has launched a new crowd funding campaign for its puncture prevention solution.

The product, which is designed to suit all types of bike tyres, including road bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes and high-performance racing bikes, has currently raised around €1,400 from 39 backers.

A variety of reward packs are available on the Kickstarter campaign, ranging from just one bottle for €10, to a 24-bottle pack in the Ultimate Club Pack costing €192. Everything users need to install the product is supplied with the kit.

Founder and inventor John Roberts commented: “Cyclists are very susceptible to punctures and until now there has been no real solution to this problem. Traditional tyre sealants on the market ‘cure’ in the tyre over a short period, which basically means the liquid will harden and ultimately destroy your tyre, inner tube and wheel rim. 

"Bicycle Armour is not a sealant; it does not contain any latex or adhesives. It is made from fibers and fillers suspended in a non-aggressive stable liquid transport system. Combining this with the forces of kinetic energy provided by the cyclist, an instant and permanent puncture solution is created. In tests, we have successfully prevented 180 punctures made by objects of 1.5mm in diameter. After four years in development, we are excited to ask the Kickstarter community to help us bring this to the market and to be a part of this innovative development from the start.”

Bicycle Armour is designed to suit all types of bike tyres, including road bikes, hybrids, beach cruisers, mountain bikes and high performance racing bikes. The dosage will depend on the size of the tyre and the use of the bicycle.

You can now back Bicycle Armour on its Kickstarter page with an amount of €10 plus shipping. Bicycle Armour will ship worldwide. The campaign will be live until Sunday, May 28th, 2017.

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