Bosch releases new e-mountain bike specific mode

Bosch eBike Systems is launching a new riding mode for the Performance Line CX, specially developed to meet the requirements of eMountain bikers.

The brand says that the eMTB mode ensures a natural riding sensation for the rider as well as optimal support on different types of terrain. Depending on the pedal pressure, the progressive motor assistance is adapted automatically to suit the biker’s individual riding technique.

The new eMTB mode, replaces the Sport mode, will be available at retailers in the form of a software update from July 2017 onwards.

It operates with two different variations – Tour and Turbo. With a maximum torque of up to 75 Nm, the motor boosts the biker’s performance dynamically between 120 and 300 per cent. The motor provides the e-mountain biker with optimum power at all times, even at low pedalling frequencies, without the rider having to change the support levels. The amount of assistance is dependent on the pedal pressure, starting with light pressure and increasing to maximum support from the drive unit as required and as the degree of pressure is increased.

Thanks to the improved application of the power assistance, the eMTB mode means that bikers are ideally equipped for rides through challenging terrain. The e-mountain bike is easier to control at low speeds; likewise, technical uphill stretches and obstacles are easier to deal with. The assistance level ensures optimal traction at all times, even under difficult conditions such as a loose or wet surface.

The mode will be available from retailers in the form of a software update from July 2017 onwards. All eBike models with the Bosch Performance Line CX can be retrofitted with the eMTB mode.

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