Our first stab at an online address directory is now online. It's called BikeBizBibleBeta B4 for short...

Before B3, click on B4

It’s rough, it’s not yet been fully data checked and it doesn’t yet have a search engine but, be patient, all will come in time.

If you see anything wrong with the B4 data, dont sulk, email us with the problem, we know it’s not yet perfect. Either tell us the company or organisation has ceased to exist, or give us up-to-date details of a company or organisation which has moved or mutated.

B4 will later be made into B3, an A5 desktop address book, spiral bound for ease of use.

We’re already getting online corrections (eg Under Mark Alker, the url should read www.gofar-mtb.com. Not www.gofar.co.uk) and will be please to get more so this database can be nice and accurate.

Help us to be as up-to-date as possible, email B3@bikebiz.co.uk. By all means send general comments to the bulletin board about B3 and B4 but all changes must be emailed. B4 will be updated in about a month with all the changes.

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