Theres a new Spooky jump/playbike frame suitable for dual slalom on the way soon. Tons of other new stuff too.

Spooky changes

According to an emailed press release from Kevin Harriman of Smell the Adrenalin there are new products from Spooky on the way.

The Imperial Darkside, Spooky’s long standing Daddy of the portfolio is getting a face lift. In true Star Wars cliche mode it is moving to a Tie Fighter. Yep the Darkside will soon be available in Titanium. The frame will be made from Spooky’s own custom butted 6/4 titanium. It will have the same geometry as the current Darkside, be available in 14.5, 17, 19, and 21 sizes and disc brake compatible. All for the amazing retail price of £899 frame only. A snip compared with the over priced [two letter brand name deleted].

The first three Motorheads will be delivered into the UK at the end of April. Originally conceived as a short travel DS bike this has now evolved into a full on BSX bike the first in the world. With short rear stays and a steep head angle for those big jumps and tight courses this 5.5- 7.5 rear travel bike will establish itself as a perfect UK DH bike. To keep everyone happy in the UK this bike will come with a 73mm MTB bb. Frame and Risse

jupitor 5 shock for £1599

The next addition to the Upstart range is the Year 2000 Junebug. Made from 6061 this Darkside comes with Spooky’s own cnc’d dropouts and seat and chain stay yokes. First frames arriving in two weeks. Retail price is £399.

A Spooky clothing range is also on the cards and the Bandwagon will be produced in 7005 aluminium, not 6061.

Harriman said: In July last year Spooky launched its own copy of the Metalhead the Bandwagon. The bandwagon has been a resounding success for Spooky with volumes exceeding all expectations. However the main critisism of the Bandwagon is that is is too similar to the Metalhead, made out of the same material and having the same geometry with the only real visible difference being the absence of an adjustable wheelbase. Spooky have listened to the comments and having carefully considered the options. They decided they should not change the award winning geometry, which only left material options.

With effect from June Spooky will be launching the Bandwagon made from 7005. The construction and geometry will be the same however by using this more popular (and some would say better material) we are able to offer the new frame at a cheaper price than before.

From June the price of the Bandwagon will move from £399 for a 6061 frame to, £299 for a 7005 frame.

The Frame will be marketed as a jump/playbike frame which can be used for Dual Slalom. Leaving the Metalhead as the dedicated DS hardtail in the Spooky range.

The frame will still have a BMX BB however to compliment this launch Spooky will also be launching their own conversion cups which can be purchased with the frame. The unique feature of these cups is an oversized flange on the drive side cup which will have mounts for a standard MTB chain device.

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