And there's room to hang up your helmet in this weatherproof steel unit too

Asgard releases space-saving vertical bike locker

Bradford-based Asgard has launched a Vertical Bike Locker to the market, designed for those looking to stow their bike securely while saving space.

Retailing at £599, the unit allows the bike to glide into the unit on the integral floor and be held upright on its back wheel, with the front wheel clamped into place.

Made from tough weatherproof steel, the lock resistant is called ‘pick resistant’ by Asgard. For added strength and security, the unit has a reinforced handle surround, while the locker can also be bolted to the ground – multiple units can be bolted together for even more security.

There’s even space for biking accessories, with hooks for helmets and bags.

The Vertical Bike Locker is available directly from Asgard. Find out more via or 08456 580 730.

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