Order a box of 'Live Strong' wristbands right now and you won't get delivery until the end of August. The joint fund-raising promo between cancer-charity the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Nike has been an overwhelming success, seven million of the $1 wristbands have been sold to date. Famous wearers include John Kerry, President Bush, Bruce Willis, Bono, Matt Damon, Ben Stiller and Lance's mate Robin Williams.

Armstrong’s yellow wristbands sell out

Proceeds from the sale of the wristbands go toward programmes for young people with cancer.

The promotion started in May, with Nike stumping up $1m to get the ball rolling.

Nike-sponsored athletes were the first to be seen sporting the yellow bands. Many of Lance Armstrong’s competitors in the Tour de France wore them. Now, the slivers of yellow plastic are popping up all over the place. Jay Leno wears his on his chat show. Sheryl Crow always has one on, naturally.

John Kerry, the Democratic nominee for president, wore his wristband while campaigning at the recent Democratic National Convention.

25 000 were sold in Paris on the final day of this year’s Tour de France.

Two million more wristbands are being made to keep up with demand, and will be sold via http://www.wearyellow.com

Because the wristbands have attained cult-status, and are reasonably hard to attain in the UK (wearyellow.com ships to the UK in boxes of 10 or 100), some are being sold on Ebay.co.uk. However, this profits the Ebay sellers, not the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Trek dealers in the UK have had stocks of the yellow bands.

"We ran out last week but I have another bunch of boxes coming on this week’s airshipment from Trek US," said Trek UK’s Nigel Roberts.

"There’ll be about 40 boxes free stock. They’re only really for our dealers but we could take a debit card payment from a dealer who we don’t trade with if they were really keen. Cost is £35 for a box of fifty."


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