In wheel-size, that is. Sales are still expanding. Pacific Cycle said one American 'dealer' has a 900-strong waiting list for the 20-inch Stingray. The 16-inch Sting-Ray for children will be available in the US later in the summer.

Sting-Ray shrinks

Raleigh recently announced the post-summer arrival of the Tomahawk, the Chopper for children, and in America Pacific Cycle, owner of Schwinn, has today confirmed the price and delivery details for the 16-inch String-Ray.

It will cost $119 and will ship towards the end of summer, in plenty of time for Christmas.

“The new Schwinn Sting-Ray 20-inch model is selling better than any juvenile bicycle, and customer demand for this 16-inch model for younger or smaller riders has been very strong,” said Byron Smith, Schwinn’s chief operating officer and president.

“We continue to hear incredible stories that demonstrate the demand for Sting-Rays. One dealer recently told us he’d started a waiting list for the Sting-Ray at his store. His list is more than 900 people long.”

“The new Sting-Ray line has clearly gotten kids and parents excited about bicycling again The bike industry hasn’t seen excitement like this about a particular model since the original Sting-Ray topped bike sales 40 years ago."

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