A Yorkshire company that has been producing school uniforms since the 19th century has launched what it claims is the world's first waterproof blazer. The Ducksback blazer, a boon for those children who cycle to school, costs £38 and has a patent pending.

School supplies company produces waterproof blazer

School Colours of Knaresborough is a long-standing supplier of clothing to companies and educational institutions

Its Ducksback blazer is "smart, waterproof and breathable," said a company statement.

" Kids never like to wear a coat to school, so they usually get wet. We have worked on the Ducksback blazer with the single aim of keeping children dry on wet days and, when it is not cold, eliminating the need for a coat at all," said Mark Southcott, director of School Colours.

"From coloured wool blazers in the nineteenth century and the striped blazers of the 1920s via the first machine-washable blazer of the 1960s, our great grandfather and founder would be rightly proud of the Ducksback product."

The Ducksback waterproof blaze will be available through schools which purchase their uniforms via School Colours.


Source: http://www.sportstextiles.com

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