Alans BMX appointed as UK importer for Heresy BMX products

Alans BMX has been appointed as the UK importer for Heresy BMX products.

With stock in the UK, the times of retailers and customers not knowing delivery timescales, duty, VAT and handling fees is hopefully over.

Additionally, frame options not in stock should be able to be supplied in a few days without any extra fees and a price close to the Euro.

Alan Woods, founder of Alans BMX, said: ”Hopefully with the product here on hand, that the customer can get the next day, will help UK flatland grow.

“We have been supporting the UK Flatland League and it is Alex there that really made us look at flatland. The final straw was when I watched the Worlds in Glasgow and was blown away with the progression.

“I also think that flatland can be an entry point into BMX for new riders as it is so accessible, we want to work with anyone who is looking at initiatives to grow flatland in the UK. Super excited about this.”

Heresy, founded in 2009 by Alexis Desolneux, offers 100% flatland products but is also open to take flatland to the streets with a range of products designed to bring both types of riding together.

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Following the announcement, Desolneux said: “Heresy is finally available in the UK through Alans BMX, a shop we have so much respect for. Products have already arrived at the shop including the 2023 Ascend frames, our new Hood stem pad, Zephyr tyres etc.

“UK flatland has a long history with pioneers and legendary top original riders, and we are super happy to start contributing to its current growth.

“Flatland is fun from the first trick learnt and Heresy products are specially designed to experience that, anywhere you live.”

For more information on the Heresy range, email

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