The Taiwanese company with an assembly plant in Wales is to produce mid to high-end bikes from a factory 40 minutes from Ho-Chi-Minh City. The factory in Wales stays.

A&J to open new factory in Vietnam, aiming to tap into US and other international markets

"We have no more spare capacity in the UK factory," said Jon Edwards, MD of A&J Europe.

A&J Enterprise Co, Ltd. is based in Taiwan and also has a plant in China. The Vietnam factory is to be plugged in the next edition of BikeEurope with a full page advert promoting the factory’s name, ‘HIGH RIDE BICYCLE’.

The Ho-Chi-Minh City factory will house a painting facility and two assembly lines, capable of producing 800 bicycles per day each. This total will rise over time. The factory management would be drafted in from Taiwan, with control being handed to Vietnamese managers in due course.

HIGH RIDE BICYCLE will concentrate on producing mid range and high end bikes for the international market, said Edwards.

"The world bicycle market is still awash with overproduction of so-called cheap bikes, and in our opinion there is absolutely no need for another Factory producing to the same level.

"The Vietnamese have already proved that they are capable of producing very nice quality, mid and high end bikes at reasonable prices. Many of our existing customers have shown a great deal of interest in this new venture, but also some customers have expressed a strong desire to stay with UK production, so we will have both."

A&J Worldwide has a stand at IFMA. 12-15th September.


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