The MBUK Biker Cross Series is getting a tasty bit of airtime this weeks thanks to a promotional tie-up with the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show. The final rounds of the race series are to take place on 10-11th August at the ineVent ‘Have A Go’ show at Newnham Park, Plymouth and MBUK's product manager said the series - and the PR generated off the back of it - proved Future's commitment to the cycle industry.

MBUK gets big air

The MBUK Biker Cross Series is co-sponsored by Future’s The Official PlayStation 2 Magazine as well as by The Industries Inc.

Prizes on offer during the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show promo include tickets to the MBUK Biker Cross Series and the ‘Have a Go’ show, subscriptions to both MBUK and to the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, PlayStation 2 consoles and a Handsome Dog ‘Rockhound’ Trials Bike from All Terrain Cycles of West Yorkshire.

Product manager of MBUK magazine, Jayne Clements, said: "Organising and financing such a stint as the MBUK Biker Cross Series, not only proves our commitment to the industry, but it also attracts both potential readers and riders. And by promoting such an event on national radio, we are able to raise awareness of the magazine and of mountain biking as a sport even further."

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