BRAND SPOTLIGHT: BikeBiz takes a closer look at Aerozine Titanium as it establishes its own brand after years of OEM work

Aerozine: From aerospace engineering to titanium bike components

The story of Aerozine begins back in the 1950s; developed as a high-energy fuel for rocket engines that took part in the hard-fought space race, Aerozine is still in use today as rocket fuel. So how do trips to the Moon tie in with bikes (aside from in ET)?

Happily, the people behind Aerozine Titanium components didn’t just pick a cool go-faster moniker from the Compendium of Speedy Names – in fact Aerozine Titanium’s founders have a firm grounding in the aerospace engineering world themselves.

Aerospace engineering’s common ground with the cycle industry is in weight optimised products and materials like, well, titanium. In fact it is titanium that plays a key role in the firm’s component line-up.

Aerozine Titanium has been manufacturing OEM components for many years before stepping out from behind other brands to create product under its own label over the past half decade.

Spanning the road and mountain bike sectors, Aerozine Titanium is one of distributor NRG4’s fastest growing brands, BikeBiz learns. Why so? The distributor believes it’s all down to the range’s “quality, good looks and very competitive pricing strategy”.

So the brand solely uses titanium in its range? Not quite, explains NRG4’s Andrew Perry: “Both aluminium and titanium are used in the line-up. We try to offer a mix of products to suit varying budgets and requirements.

“We offer entry level aluminium components that compete with likewise products from larger more established manufacturers.” 

NRG4 currently stocks the entire Aerozine Titanium range, including the latest range additions of titanium chains and new pedals.

What else does the range include? Perry fills in the blanks: “Our most popular products include the cranksets for both road and mountain bikes. We offer these in a choice or aluminium and titanium and in eight different colour options.

“Add to these our ceramic bottom brackets, bars, grips, headsets, skewers, stems and seat posts which also all come in a choice of colours. We have recently launched our BB30 kits too.”

Other impending new ranges include the launch of a hollowtech crankset that is lighter and stronger than some big named rivals, according to NRG4. However, some of the biggest innovations in the road range are the new X13 cranksets in titanium and aluminium, Perry tells BikeBiz.

The road crankset is pitched as performance level, with an integrated axle system design that is sleek and stiff to allow for optimum power transfer in 10s and 11s. A compact crankset is available too. “Also our ALS system enables the user to change crank lengths from 170 to 172.5 or 175mm without changing the crank arm,” Perry adds.

Stockist incentives are in place for dealers too: “Apart from very competitive end prices the margins for dealers are great. We also offer point of sale material and additional discounts for display material too.”

Contact NRG4 distribution on or 0870 240 4219

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