They're aged 50-59, they bought their e-bike mainly to get up hills – and they bought their bike in a physical shop, says report

Who is the typical e-bike customer?

Help with riding up hills is the main reason cyclists buy electric bikes, according to a new survey from BEBA, the British Electric Bicycle Association.

Cycling up hills (58.5 per cent) was closely followed by fitness and exercise (54.3 per cent) as the main reason to purchase an e-bike.

The report also found that the average retail price paid for an electric bicycle was £801 to £950, and that the majority bought their electric bike through a physical store rather than through an online retailer.

Other key findings included that the typical age range of an e-bike consumer was 50 to 59 (34.8 per cent of respondents). Commuting was narrowly edged out by leisure (by 3.1 per cent) as the main use of e-bikes.

Perhaps controversially, the survey supported the case for throttle-controlled electric bikes.

BEBA said the report proved a “categorical need for a throttle on an electric bicycle. Only 27 per cent of those surveyed said they either didn’t have a throttle fitted or never used it.”

Currently various bodies in the bike world are at loggerheads over whether there should be moves to ban throttle-controlled e-bikes or not.

The survey also tackled range, where BEBA found: “There are a few electric bicycles that boast a range of over 80 miles, but in reality only 2.5 per cent of consumers regularly travel further than 31 miles. The majority travel six to ten miles.

“The whole survey shows a general trend towards more expensive electric bicycles. Consumer habits are clearly identified as needing a throttle, but still motivated by fitness and exercise. We anticipate we will see further growth in the lower age groups over the coming couple of years.

“The report is the most up-to-date study of the UK electric bicycle market and gives a fair representation of the market as a whole,” the association asserted.

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