The Association of Cycle Traders has today issued a press release confirming its preference for David Hyde's Cycle and Leisure Show in Brum in 2002, over the Bicycle Association's show a few weeks later in Harrogate

ACT snubs BA’s trade show

The ACT receives cash support from David Hyde, but none from the Bicycle Association.

But cash aside, the ACT president said he did not want a return to the ‘bad old days’ of multiple, competing trade shows.

The press statement said staging two trade shows so close together was not "sensible". However, staging two trade shows six months apart would be supported by the ACT.

This a nod towards The Cycle Show, a trade and consumer show being planned for October 2002 at the Business Design Centre in London. This show has yet to be officially announced but most major potential exhibitors have already been contacted and the show is being coordinated by Mick Bennett, a full-time organiser employed by the Business Design Centre.

Two magazine groups are thought to be offering media support for this London show, an event long campaigned for by Bob Chicken Snr. Full details on this show will be relayed on soon.

Here’s the ACT’s press statement:

After careful consideration of all the many factors involved, the ACT Board have decided to offer their full support and co-operation to the Cycle and Leisure Show to be held in March 2002.

ACT assiduously defends the interests of the independent cycle retailers in the UK and is the only trade organisation to represent this small but vibrant retail sector at Government level, both in the UK and Europe.

All cycle retailers now have to carefully plan their stocking requirements in advance of the main selling season – basically Easter to September. So that they can make effective decisions, they need to view the new seasons merchandise early in the year, plan their selling patterns and order in good time. If they want junior members of staff to have a chance to see all the latest product, then this can only be done during a period of minimal trading, ie early in the year.

ACT, on behalf of the retailers, does not want to see a return to the ‘bad old days’ of a proliferation of small shows requiring many days away from individual businesses to see all the necessary key products. We can, however, see the need for two trade shows, but at least six months apart ie Spring and Autumn.

With a small amount of co-operation between all the parties concerned, ACT is convinced that a sensible pattern of shows can be formulated which will benefit the whole trade, suppliers and retailers alike.

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