Atomlab of America, the husband-and-wife-run BMX components brand now brought into the UK by Two Wheel Trading, has created a Bicycle Fluids division

Spunky Atomlab launch fluids range

"As bicycles become increasingly advanced the importance of maintenance is even greater, we know that quality lubrication and cleaning make all the difference to a smooth running bike," said a press statement from Two Wheel Trading.

"Atomlab have specially formulated some revolutionary bicycle care products. Made with the attention that a bicycle deserves, these not just any corrosive chemicals and multi purpose oils that just happen to do the job OK, these are specially developed in the Atomlab and are way ahead of the competition for performance and value."

The fluids range mostly consists of lubes and cleaners but there’s also soon to be hydraulic brake fluids and fork oils.

The current line-up looks like this:

MP3 Multi purpose lubricant

Cleans lubricates protects and dispels moisture.

"Atomlab realised that the majority of the competition is made to a price not

a quality and that there is a gap in the market for a multi purpose workshop

lubricant that delivers.

"MP3 is exactly what’s been missing. Unlike much of the competition it was

made specifically for bikes, blended to provide for the variety of cycling

demands and for all conditions. It provides excellent lubrication, also

dispelling water and freeing seized parts, with an added fizz to the mixture

that insures it penetrates components and chains.

Put simply MP3 goes further and works better that any other multi purpose

lubricant on the market because it¹s made to a very high quality. We have

priced MP3 realistically for both the workshop and the consumer. This stuff

will be popular so bulk orders are recommended."

Rim Rotor Refresher

"Atomlab mechanics recognised that discs and rims need to be cleaned regularly to ensure long life and consistent performance."

Rim and Rotor Refresher works equally well on rim and disc brake set-ups

cleaning off the road mulch and sticky residue that pads and harsh

conditions leave behind. It cuts back to the original surface and gets

brakes working better and helps components to last longer.

The "unique" Atomlab formula is said to repel "those squeaks and squeals synonymous with disc brakes, it will also free up seized and poorly maintained set-ups, so it’s essential for the modern repair shop."

Available in a wipe size (ideal for counter top sales) and a workshop


Erase-it bike wash

"Gone are the days of just a bucket of water and a scrubbing brush," said Atomlab.

This cleaner has been "developed in the muddy and wet conditions of

the UK where bike cleaning is a way of life."

It’s carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium,plastic and anodised aluminium friendly.

The Erase-It secret, claimed Atomlab, is the blend of non-caustic solvents. "It has no damaging nitrates and alkaline contents providing a totally bike safe and

environmentally friendly solution."

Bubble Lift bicycle shampoo

"With Bubble Lift bike cleaning has never been so much fun! The foaming

action will literally get under the muck and grime and lift it from your

bike, leaving you less work to do because it keeps scrubbing down to a


"Most degreasers and bike cleaners rely on application and a bit of hard work

to shift the muck from the hard places to reach. Bubble Lift is perfect for

intricate suspension bikes and small frames where getting at the components

with a brush is a tricky activity."

Grease Delete degreaser

"Grease Delete has been formulated to cope with the worst cases of neglect and muck build up. Grease Delete is for mechanics that want to shift grease and the black goo that clogs up bicycle hubs, gears and chains. Intended as a pure degreaser rather than a

bicycle wash it will effectively penetrate and dissolve the hardest caked-on


PolishIt polish

"A concentrated and long lasting bicycle polish that will give a bike back

its showroom shine!"

Polish­It also adds extra shine to bike store displays too, as it also helps repel dust.

Velo-Wet lube

"A wet lubricant for extreme conditions use. A little goes a very long way…"

This is a high silicon content lube that won’t wash off as easily as other lubes, claimed Atomlab.

Zip Wax

A natural wax lubricant for high friction and fast moving parts. Zip Wax is non-tacky and anti-fling.

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