No news today as it's a UK Bank Holiday but for your information a new guestbook feature has been added to this site. As well as being able to write comments about what you think of the site you can vote your views through

Your points of view would be appreciated

The guestbook feature was suggested by one of the industry executives who has already supplied a comment. Quick off the mark, huh?

Normally guestbooks are for non-commercial sites so we’ve made this one a tad more businesslike by adding a search-for-comments via job title. This way you could see what a bike shop employee in the UK thinks of the site, ditto for an American industry executive.

Naturally the comments are few and far between at the moment because the feature has only just gone online.

Russell Merry of Hot Wheels suggested we add the feature because he had seen a guestbook do well on

When posting comments please use your real name. D. Duck’s, M. Mouse’s and A. Hitler’s will be removed!

In other news...

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