Whilst the B3 refresher edition doesn't print the wrong distributor for every single brand in the brand name index, there are definitely a few glaring errors. Sorry about that but, suppliers please note, we're not mind readers, please help us to help you by supplying your brand changes as they happen

Print BikeBizBible dates instantly

That way at least the online B3 can be as up to date as possible.

There’s nothing like a printed publication for getting people to take issue with you! The recently mailed B3-Lite isn’t perfect, it contains a few errors and these are steadily being pointed out to us. Some people are being polite, others are throwing rattles out of prams.

All changes will make it onto the online brand name index over the next few days. Please be patient, we’re currently working on getting the next mag out early so it – and the show catalogue – comes out in time for the International Cycle Convention, Harrogate.

But here’s a plea: keep an eye on the online B3. If there are mistakes, we want to hear about them. We’ll never get a database 100 percent correct 365 days a year but we’ll aim to be as accurate as humanly possible. We cannot do that without the help of brand suppliers.

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