“World’s smallest and lightest” e-bike kit launches

London based tech startup Swytch Technology has today launched the “world’s smallest and lightest” e-bike conversion kit.

“The Swytch Kit transforms any bicycle into a premium quality e-bike,” said a statement. “The kit consists of a compact and lightweight hub motor wheel (1.5kg) that replaces the original front wheel, and a palm-sized power pack (1.5kg) that fits the handlebars (total weight 3kg).”

The Swytch Kit provides 250W of power-assist for up to 50 km electric range, with a top speed of 15.5mph (EU)/20mph (USA).

Two years ago, Swytch Technology raised over $500,000 on Indiegogo for the original Swytch conversion kit, which was the “world’s first” universally compatible e-bike kit.

It was demonstrated to work on any bike, including a penny farthing, the start-up has said.

Oliver Montague, CEO of Swytch Technology, said: “Our new Swytch Kit is a world-first. There is a huge and growing demand for e-bikes, but many people are still put off by the significant cost (at least £2,000) for a good quality electric bike. In addition, most e-bikes on the market are significantly heavier (by up to 8kg) than a regular bicycle, making them unwieldy and less popular than they could be.

“Now, with the Swytch kit, you can upgrade the bicycle you have at home into a premium e-bike, save a ton of money and end up with a much lighter and more user-friendly electric bike.”

The new Swytch Kit is now available to order on Indiegogo. The early bird base price starts at $399 for the 35 km range kit, or $499 for the 50 km range kit (with upgraded battery). This is 50% off the full price of $799 (35 km)/$999 (50 km).

CTO Dmitro Khroma added: “We set out to create the most compact e-bike kit possible without compromising on power and performance. Every millimetre of each component was carefully considered. We’ve harnessed the best in class battery technology available today to develop the most energy-dense power pack possible.

“We pushed the boundaries of power electronic technology to design an ultra-compact, lightweight motor controller that is not available anywhere else. The result is the smallest and lightest e-bike system that is possible with today’s technology.

“E-bike conversion kits are the most sustainable way to access electric transport. Manufacturing a brand new complete e-bike is extremely energy-intensive and burns a lot of fossil fuels in the process.

“Instead, we’re creating only the e-bike parts you need and combining them with existing bicycles most people already have in their homes. Upcycling and upgrading your existing bike into an e-bike saves the customers’ money and the planet’s resources.”


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