According to marketing magazine Revolution UK a new consumer sounding board has been launched on the internet

World Wide Whinge

A new website has been launched for consumers to sound off over bad service.

Backed by e-commerce and integrated software provider Morse, aims to give a voice to disgruntled customers.

Only 10 per cent of dissatisfied customers bother to complain, believes the founders of The Complainer.

The site was thought up by Jasper Griegson, the worlds most prolific complainer (he does it professionally for The Daily Express) and will pass on the complaints of aggrieved consumers to subscribing businesses.

Visitors can complain about a thousand businesses listed on the site. More are being sought. The site is funded by businesses paying for the complainents data.

Howard Clegg, chief executive of The Complainer, told Revolution UK: "The site is like an early warning system for organisations. It acts as an independent set of eyes and ears among their customers, picking up whatever glitches may be occurring in their operations."

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