Its no crime but its a fact: bike trade bigwigs rely on bicycle sales but many dont actually ride, preferring their posh cars to two wheeled transport. So, just for them, heres a brand extension for Ultegra...

At last, Shimano the execs can use!

Shimano is to produce Ultegra golf clubs! Perfect for those non-biking bike trade execs who need to take exercise.

Heres todays release from Shimano Japan:

Shimano is the world leading company in cycling components and manufactures fishing tackles since over 25 years. The new challenge is to use our technical knowledge for the production of sophisticated golf clubs.

Under the name Ultegra, Shimano will provide the most advanced features and benefits to the most demanding and experienced golf players.

Entirely taylor made, those golf clubs will be manufactured upon every

player’s biomechanic requirement and personal way of playing. Various data as shaft-flex and length, hitting-angles and players preference will be considered when making every Ultegra golf clubs one of the most advanced ones ever made.

Primarily Shimano will supply these tailor-made golf clubs only in Japan

and directly to the consumer in order to define the best fitting dimensions

and features, and making every Ultegra golf club, unique.

Supply will start by March 2001, you can already check the first ideas on

our website (Japanese):

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