Online retailer to stock For Goodness Shakes!

Wiggle takes on nutrition brand

Wiggle has become the cycle trade partner for For Goodness Shakes!’ first venture into the powder nutrition sector.

Widely known for its milkshake product, often seen on supermarket shelves, the brand has expanded into more niche territory alongside Wiggle which has struck an exclusive six-month online deal. Off the web, retailers are invited to make contact with the firm, which is interested in hearing from those keen to try out and stock the new recovery powder.

Added to water, the brand’s formula mixes fast, with no powder lumps. It produces a rich tasting shake from any water bottle. Easy on the stomach, athletes can drink a full bottle straight after a hard session, within the vital 20-minute recovery window for optimal recovery results.

For Goodness Shakes! powder comes in four flavours: ChocMalt, SuperBerry, Banana and Vanilla. The 80g sachet added to 450ml of water makes up 500ml of recovery drink.

Sachets are priced at £1.50 at retail, or £36.00 for a month’s supply of 24 sachets. Starter packs will also be available containing eight sachets and a free water bottle retailing at £12.

020 8871 3360

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