The International Cycle Convention is due to be staged from Sunday until next Tuesday. Here's the penultimate list of exhibitors. The final list will be ready when a couple of stragglers make up their mind whether to attend or not. And that should be by Wednesday.

Who’s at Harrogate?

The show issue of BicycleBusiness – bagged with the official show catalogue – is with our mailing house today and will be winging its way to you soon. Copies should start arriving tomorrow, with the bulk of the UK trade having had delivery by Wednesday.

There’s a couple of exhibitors below which didn’t make it into the official catalogue. A stand plan can be picked up at the entrance to the show and this should be nearly 100 percent up to date. It all depends how many companies sign up right at the bell on Thursday or Friday!

4 Front

Acorn Sports & Leisure


Basta UK Ltd

Bicycle Business

Bob Elliot & Co Ltd

Bronx (UK) Ltd

Bicycle Trade & Industry

Bike Force

Tiger Cycles Ltd

Chicken & Sons

Concept Cycling

Concept Cycling

Cycle Citi

Clarks Cycle Systems

ZEFAL (Cycle Rims & Ass)

Cyber Till

Cyclemotion Ltd

Datatag ID Ltd

Electroped/Parker & Co

Fibrax C107

Gablemere Ltd

Giant UK Ltd

J Hartley Dawson Ltd

Hot Wheels

Ideal Bicycle Ltd

Identify UK Ltd

Infineon Ltd

Innovo International Ltd

J & R Sports Ltd

K & S

Keela International Ltd

Kestrel Engineering


Moore Large Co. Ltd

Muddy Fox

National Cycling Strategy

One 2 See

Onyx Cycle GmbH

Oxford Products Ltd

Pacer Leisure

Parkers of Bolton

Pashley Cycles

PCL (Peugeot/Family Bike)

Pendle Engineering Ltd

Porvair Int Ltd/Seal Skinz

Raleigh Industries Ltd

Raw Experience

Reece Cycles PLc (+ new boy Wayne Clarke, ex of Concept)


Shelly UK (Puky)

SJR Associates

Split Second



Universal Cycles







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