Nobody if inventor Alan Naylor doesn't get a manufacturer interested in his Scoobike. The scoo what? It's a treadle-and-chain kit to turn a scooter into a bike-cum-scooter combo

Who will Scoo?

A Scoobike can driven by one or two chains depending on whether you fit one or two treadles.

"The unit can be fitted to most existing scooters and would be very cost effective to manufacture," Naylor told

"Everyone who has seen the Scoobike in operation are most impressed with its versatility and thoroughly enjoy riding it. However, after repeatedly approaching manufacturers I don’t seem to be getting through to them that this can become the latest craze if just given the chance."

The Scoobike adaptor kit works best when converting oversize scooters but Naylor also claims it can be fitted to the small aluminium scooters popular last year.

"However, they are not designed for speed and it would defeat the object," said Naylor.

"Also it seems as though those scooters are not as popular today and it is time for a scooter revival, hence the Scoobike."


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