It's called VAX. "The applications for this suspension technology go far beyond bicycles: anywhere you need suspension on a single plane, without any torsion. Motorcycles and scooters are obvious additional applications," Dahon's Joshua Hon reveals exclusively to Dahon is about to publish a scientific paper on VAX and will license the design to other manufacturers. How good is it? "We feel that VAX technology will, within a decade, forever change the design of bicycle frames and forks," claims Hon.

Dahon to launch ‘revolutionary’ suspension technology

VAX equipped Dahon bikes should make their debut at the Taipei show.

Dahon is a US company and is the world’s largest manufacturer of folding bikes.

According to Dahon’s Joshua Hon, VAX – it stands for virtual axis – features a pivotless design that can deliver almost any amount of travel; is lighter in weight than traditional suspension systems; has superior torsional rigidity; zero friction, zero stiction and zero maintenance.

"Our VAX technology will begin life on high end bicycles but in fact it also has very significant cost advantages relative to traditional suspension systems. The suspension is actually part of the frame itself so you eliminate the cost and manufacturing problems associated with suspension units, pivots and bearings.

"The basic bicycle frame has not changed significantly since the bicycle was invented in the 19th century. We feel that VAX technology will, within a decade, forever change the design of bicycle frames and forks."

Cyclemotion as the sole UK licensee of Dahon will be inviting potential OEMs and distributors of VAX-equipped bikes to meetings in Taiwan in 2002.

Anyone interested in arranging an appointment to see the VAX suspension system, should contact Cyclemotion’s Mark Bickerton.



Cyclemotion has just launched a UK-oriented Dahon website, Nowt on there about VAX, mind.

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