In the current issue of BicycleBusiness theres a feature on three bike trade B2B sites. First to scale is an important asset in the world of e-commerce and is claiming an early lead as it has signed up 30 Asian bike companies

Which bike B2B site will be first to scale?

Hometec EC Service Taiwan-based company behind the business-to-business website announced yesterday that 30+ bicycle companies have joined its e-commerce programme, including global players such as Tektro, Velo, Kalloy, Viscount, KHS, Zoom (HL) and Wellgo.

"It can be tough introducing a radically-new business model, so it’s

gratifying when you get the support of the industry," says Hometec

President George Lin, also of Pacific Cycles.

"We are really pleased that so many top-line companies have already joined Bikexpo."

According to Lin many Asian bike companies see e-commerce as something that only huge high-tech corporations need or can afford.

"They hear about it all the time but don’t really understand it,"

Lin explains. "But once we demonstrate Bikexpo, it is usually not

difficult to convince them of the tangible benefits."

"E-commerce is the biggest change in the business world for decades. As always it’s forward looking, dynamic companies who are the

first to identify major change, adapt and take advantage of the new

situation. Companies which embrace e-commerce early on will potentially

have enormous advantages over their competitors."

Bikexpo allows buyers to compare and source products online and sellers

to participate in e-commerce, and much of a product manager’s job

can now be performed online, reducing the need for expensive overseas

trips to visit suppliers.


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